uEV2023 is the second Virtual Symposium on Urinary Extracellular Vesicles. Organized by the Urine Task Force of the ISEV Rigor and Standardization Subcommittee, the meeting brings together the global community studying extracellular vesicles in urine. This virtual symposium features state of the art presentations, technical updates from Urine Task Force working groups, interactive panel discussions and poster presentations. The meeting emphasizes trainee opportunities and builds upon the welcoming environment and lively discussions of uEV2022. The uEV2023 is a must-attend for nephrologists, urologists, cell and molecular biologists, biobank experts, and anyone studying urinary extracellular vesicles

Posters will be made available from February 14-17. Viewers are encouraged to ask their questions through the comments function below the video.

Organizing Committee

Cristina Grange (University of Turin, Italy)

Maija Puhka (University of Helsinki, Finland)

Fabrice Lucien-Matteoni (Mayo Clinic, USA)

Janne Leivo (University of Turku, Finland)

Uta Erdbr├╝gger (University of Virginia, USA)

Alicia Llorente (Oslo University Hospital, Norway)

Charles Blijdorp (Erasmus Medical Center, Netherlands)

Elena Martens-Uzunova (Erasmus Medical Center, Netherlands)

Dylan Burger (Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, Canada)